Need help with this file

I am in need of help making this file laserable.If anyone can help me get that would be great. I don’t want to lose the detail of the design, I took this straight from a AI file.I usually don’t have any problems doing this but this one has my mind blown. It might not be possible.

Marine corp.lbrn (443.3 KB)

I opened the file and it has 197 open shapes set to fill. In order for fill to work, the shapes need to be closed. This file will cut but will not fill.

I was able to export the file as an *.ai and then import it into RDWorks and that works.

@HPRS_ENGRAVING is correct, you have open shapes that are set to fill. You probably want to have a combination of cut settings to achieve the look you are after. I would play with moving these open shapes to another layer and set them to ‘Line’ to see if you can get the correct layering and cut settings for your desired outcome. Post what you want the final to look like and I might be able to advise more.

@ctf1800, please rephrase as I have no idea what you are saying here. :slight_smile:

Or you could try this file. Marine corp-RicoTry01.lbrn (645.0 KB) I replaced the center shapes with an SVG file found on Would this work?

I’ll try it thanks.

The problem here is that at least half of this is just lines - not open shapes that need closing, but quite literally lines to just run as a line, like this in the eagle head:


The logo is built funny too - it looks like it was done as “paint”, where the order of the shapes filling on top of each other controlled how the end result looks, so you’d be much better off exporting this as a PNG and engraving it that way if you have the original file.

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