Need help working with my image

I’ve figured out how to compose the image i’m working with and got it all laid out the way i want it. now i’m trying to figure out how to make it engrave certain areas in my design. The easiest way i know to explain it, I’ve got two lines, when i run the program it burns the lines, but i want it to fill the area in between the lines… Is there a way to make this happen in lightburn?

Pics of what you want to do would help.

Allen Dailey project.lbrn2 (734.2 KB)

trying to make the outline a solid black (burn). don’t know how to tell lightburn i want those areas filled…

Change from “Cut” to “Fill” for that layer.
Does that get what you want?

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Actually i think that does… i switched that to fill, now its filling those areas, but also others that i dont want filled… guess i need to put things on different layers then select what i want those layers to do… thank you so much!!


You can also do a 0.1mm offset on your circles to not fill the objects inside.

fill with another fill inside will not fill the other object.

this is all covered in the introductory documentation.

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