Need more editing options

I use two different programs when I’m creating an etch or cutting file. I use Silhouette program for most of the editing because Lightburn doesn’t have an eraser option.
it really needs this option.
quite often I want a small area removed or there is a line I don’t want and have to throw that graphic back into Silhouette, adjust the picture and then take it back to Lightburn. It’s time consumming and frustrating.

Can you come up with a concrete example, preferably with a file and description of what you want to change.

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I can almost guarantee that Node Editing can do what you’re after. Please watch this guide, and let us know if you have any issues that it did not answer:

I think Danny talks about bitmap images, so the node edition might not help much.
I wouldn’t want to change LB into Photoshop (or even Gimp!), I am not fan of bloated apps.
Now, primitive drawing tools might be useful? (drawing in black or in white → eraser; perhaps with gray levels?) But I fear people will ask for more, layers, effects, etc.

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