Need new pulley

Anyone know where to get a pulley like this? Like to upgrade to something better if possible. It’s off a red and black Chinese laser.

Here’s another pic

I tried light object and cloud ray

I like to replace the whole assembly with something better. I found a tensioner for the x axis on cloud ray but probably will have to modify. The quality in the two Chinese lasers are not very good trying to make them engrave better.

Hmm could you make one with bearings and washers?

Have you tried amazon?

I bought some of these a while back for a project.

They’re the wrong size for what you want (too narrow) but there’s a metric buttload of different sizes and varieties available.

I will probably take it to my other job and fab something up there they have a machine shop I can use. At this place they just have junk hand tools so I bring my own. Gets annoying sometimes when I have fabricate something there. Thanks everyone.

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