Need replacement X axis stepper motor for Atomstack X40 Max

I am looking for a replacement X axis stepper motor for a Atomstack X40 Max laser. I contacted Atomstack customer service and asked if they sell replacement parts. The answer I received was ; “Go back to the authorized seller where you purchased it for assistance.” I bought the unit from a private party knowing there was a problem. I determined that all it needed was a stepper motor. There is a model # on the motor ( C54-0156-0AA1) more numbers (42DND005B-27D22) ( KH 2023 08 07 )
I am sure these numbers are specfic to the motor. Any advice would appreciated.

None of those numbers bring up the right motor type.

Measure across the face, that will get you the NEMA size, likely a Nema17 or Nema24. then count the pins on the connector, that will give you the wiring design.

Or you can use Google to help. I found this in about a minute using “stepper motor for K40 laser”: