Need some assistance please

Very New so be kind :slight_smile: I am wanting to learn how to fill an area lets say a box and the box has a circle inside it and i want the circle to be excluded from the fill. As of right now my fill completely fills the box solid it seems to ignore the circle. Clear as mud right ? any help greatly appreciated !!

Thanks In Advance

I have uploaded a pic of what im trying to accomplish. Red is cut line Blue is fill and black is line. I am tryng to fill the blue area but have fill stop at bubbles and black line toward top of beaker.


Well it hurts my head how that works but it sure does!!! Its in the laser now and burning perfect !!

Thank you so much !!

Think ‘inside’ ‘outside’. If you have a single closed shape, a box for example, and it’s on a fill layer, it will be filled. If you put a box INSIDE that box, on the same layer, the second box’s ‘inside’ is now an ‘outside’… :upside_down_face:


Thats makes a sense thanks everyone for the replies !!!

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