Need some help figuring out what product I need

I need help in figuring out what softwear I need to purchace. I have a JPT-50W laser and Acer Aspire 5 with windows. Is it just softwear that I get or is there boards that need to be updated also? This is my first post so I am just learning this system also. Thank you for your help.

I assume the JPT 50w is a fibre galvo laser, so Galvo licence is what you would need.

If you haven’t already I would strongly recommend that you download the free 30 day Lightburn trial, to make sure everything works as you would expect.

I’ll assume it’s a fiber, does it work OK with EZCad2…?

If it works with EZCad2, it should work with Lightburn…

As @Mooseuk advised… trail copy is free…

Have you used it with the supplied software?


Sorry, yes it is a fiber. I will look into the free download. Thank you.

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