Need some tips on reducing debris/grit getting into my X-Axis Belt

I own a AEON Mira9 100w 900x600 bed c02 Laser.

I’m having a issue where after 30 mins-hour of use, the X movement starts to sound raspy, like there is grit in the cog that holds the belt or the bearings.

I use a brush, then blow it out with compressed air, then use a high performance silicone lubricant. this fixes the problem and gets rid of the gritty sounds but I have to do it every time I use the machine. is this normal?

I thought it could be the fan, its always extracting, however is does look a little weak. The smoke/dust slowly moves out of the bed area.

If anyone has some insights, that would be very handy.

Sound 1

Sound 2

Please send some images of the layout :slightly_smiling_face:

That would be my guess. Weak extraction fan allowing the smoke/dust to linger just long enough to settle. My machine is homemade, that being said the first exhaust fan I used allowed things to get dusty super fast like within an hour of on and off use, I returned it got a more powerful fan and now it takes hours of cut time to get that dirty. It didn’t cause any issues with the axis though, but i made the change quickly.

Here are some of the bed if this is what you mean.

I suspect that your problem is that your system is WAAAAYYYYY too neat!

On the other hand, I could be too much bling getting in the way of your gantry movement.

Finally, there shouldn’t be any problems with a setup like that!
Sorry, I can’t help. :grimacing:

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In a word, No. :slight_smile: I would reach back to the nice folks at AEON for support and troubleshooting procedures to track down why this is happening. You should be able to run for hours at a stretch without having any “sound raspy, like there is grit in the cog that holds the belt or the bearings.”.

Sound 2 is the way it should be, nice and smooth motion, free from any noise that sounds like grinding.

Yea sound 2 is after a clean. sound 1 is before. Here is a video of a somewhat extreme smoke level to show the extraction rate.

Extracting to the back

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in that cut, but it sure seems as if the smoke flow is to the side rather than the rear of the bed. Poor cross flow, but also pretty massive alignment structure.

Did a Maintenance this morning, and this is after 3 hours of engraving Laminate Signs.

Sound on the Right Side

@Tomgsack, have you shown these to AEON? What are they thinking is causing this issue?

Yea, I’m in contact with some support groups regarding this. I will update when I get a reply.

AEON support thought my extractor was off during that video I uploaded when it was on so that’s saying something isn’t right.

I appreciate all of the helpful people here.


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