Need to remove old computer access to lightburn

My emails are not being delivered to support so im trying here. Ive tried logging in to Cryptlex and cant get it to send me a password reset so i can boot the computers off. I cant get a hold of anyone. Can someone help?

I’m here. I’ll take a shot at it for you. :slight_smile:

Private message sent.
Please respond to it in the private channel at your convenience.

I have the same problem… changed upgraded motherboard and CPU and now cant activate LB on my original 2nd PC

Try this, it didnt work for me unfortunately but if it doesn’t work for you maybe they can help you! How the LightBurn license works – LightBurn Software

I got it. Found link online and was able to delete the pc i wanted… did a lot of digging but got it. Thank youbfor your responce

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