Need to slow it down

I’ve tried machine settings,acceleration adjustments but I can not get the laser to slow down on the short distances like the photo, engraving the end of the kellys propane it runs so fast the image gets distorted.
How do I slow it down in the short stroke areas?

Engraving acceleration (not cutting acceleration) would help. You could also just reduce the speed of the job itself. There isn’t a way to slow it down for just the short areas.

Thanks for the info. So basically these blue n white fleabay lasers are good boat anchors lol , any of the other chinese models worth buying?

What kind of rotary are you using? More likely what’s happening is that the back & forth of the machine is causing the cup to slip on the rotary, or the rotary to slip in the machine. Both of those are fixable.

I have a boat that needs an anchor if you want to send me yours. :slight_smile:

I certainly wouldn’t consider them “boat anchors”, but like most cheap chinese machinery (drill press, lathe, milling machine, etc) I consider them to be something of a “do it yourself kit” where you get most of the hardware you need to make a decent machine but you will probably need to take a few things apart to fix, modify, improve, upgrade, clean, polish, whatever, to turn it into a decent machine.
And of course they will have certain limitations and quirks you may have to learn to work around.
If you can deal with and work around their little problems they’re pretty hard to beat for the money…

When I got mine (red&black) I had similar problems to what you are showing. The engraving acceleration setting was pretty optimistic and it would do that cute little offset like on your mug.
Nudge the acceleration down 20% and see if that fixes your problem.

Thanks I’ll try that.i had a 40 watt rabbit laser 5-6 years ago and it worked pretty well,i was hoping for the same out of this one, but it also costed a lot more.

Not that I know much of anything but mine was doing the same thing and the problem that I had was that the rings around the bottom was making it unbalanced. So my solution was a wooden ring around both end it you have a roller rotatory.

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