Need to understand why

Hi All, I have an image and i have put some text on the image and when I show the image in fill mode the text shows through except on 1 spot. The bottle is set to fill mode and I was trying to put Est. 2007 on there but it comes out black not sure why on the border the text appears cut out but NOT on the bottle - Is there something different between the two??


OWG Logo1.lbrn (285.6 KB)

You text is pretty narrow - I checked a couple of places, and it was less than 0.006" - You wouldn’t be able to see the “white space” for Est 2007.

@RalphU is on point.

Deeper magnification reveals that the text is indeed meant to be unfilled.

So would that mean I require bigger text? Or is there another way to make it happen?

In this case I’d suggest seeing if thickening the lines would be enough as it would more likely match what you’re going for. Either through bolding or using offset. Offset will likely be more flexible.

Thank You All! Much appreciated as I work through this.

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