Need to unlock rails to change my Z height on k40


I have a K40 with a Mini Gerbil and of course Lightburn. I use it for work on leather of different thicknesses. I made myself a z table that is easy to move up and down in small increments. Due to lack of space in the cutting area, I had to put the adjustment at the back near the vent. I need to move the rails and head out the way to access it then move the head to test the height on the material across a few points while I adjust it.

On K40 whisperer, before I upgraded, I had an “unlock rail” button but there isn’t anything I can find like it on Lightburn and using Joging or dropping a position take considerably longer to set up material.

Is there a way I can do something like set a macro or something to unlock the rails and another to reinitialise and home the machine?

If that’s not possible anyone know another way to make it after to move around? Mapping keyboard keys to movements maybe?

Thanks in advance!

You could find the appropriate command to unlock your steppes and lock them again and use it in conjunction with a “homing” for a macro.
But, when I need to access the rear, inner part of my K40, I just turn off the power and slowly pull the x and y forward, fix what needs to be fixed, then I turn on the power again. I have autohoming enabled and never experienced a problem doing it this way.