Need To Use X-Shift/Y-Shift To Get Alignment

I have an OMTech 50w laser with a 5MP 90 degree camera mounted in the lid with focusing done while fully open.

Having performed the two alignment tools and without moving the alignment board I use the “Set Laser Position” icon, I moved to the center point of each number. As you can see the positions are out a slight amount, which I find odd.

I then laser a letter and after a camera refresh, there is a difference in the LB and the actual lasered letter. If I then use the X/Y shift and place LB over the letter from then on further output is correct.

  1. Have I made an error during the calibration?
  2. Should I do a one-off test piece when I turn the laser on and plan to use the camera or should I expect the camera to be correct all the time?

Thank you in advance

You’re close enough where it’s likely just accumulated error in the entire process. You could rerun the calibration process trying to eke out better results. For example, how flat was the lens calibration pattern when you did lens calibration? Any distortion in flatness will carryover when distortion correction is done. What kind of scores were you getting during the process? You really want the best possible scores.

Alternatively, you’re close enough where doing the adjustments in the Camera Control will get you as far as you need. I’d suggest burning a grid of small squares that cover the full bed. Then capturing an overlay. Use the width, height, and XY shifts to adjust the capture to fit the design as closely as possible. Then make sure to save the adjustments by pushing Save Settings in Camera Control window.

Thank you for the reply. The pattern was laid flat on a contrasting ( brown ) surface. I might glue it onto something to remove that 1% unevenness.

The scores were all .1 something.

I found maskling the single led strip reduced the number of ‘unable to find…’ messages. I’m adding extra led lights today to remove shadows and will calibrate again.

I guess like a lot of things you learn as you go along and will post my thoughts here once I have it solved,

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