Need your expertise...can you help?

Do you remember when you were a newb with Lightburn?

We all had a few questions that we could not resolve that brought us to this forum. …and even after we read the FAQ we were still baffled.

I am trying to come up with a concept to present to Oz and Co. on developing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) subsection with the Top 10 most asked questions by our community for newer users.

I am also considering personally sponsoring a drawing for a major award when I get 20+ responses . Winner will picked at random and you contribute a question to my project .

Let’s keep it simple just the facts:

What was THAT one question that you needed answered when you first began using Lightburn?

Thanks for your help
Cheers :beers:


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My random number is 45.

I like the idea of a “Things to Know” or “Top Tips”.

Min / Max setting - stop your bed wetting
Open Shapes - turn your whine into grapes
Simple interface - hiding magnificent grace
Rotary setup - you’re gonna wanna get up

(Suggestions on a fun way to make such tips articles around these whack-a-mole questions that often pop up)


I now know why your avatar is a clown…@stroonzo

You think I’m am not being serious.

You number is 1 and your question is?



Hi Sasquatch,
I think it’s a good project you’re on. It may be able to relieve and help the LB Team a bit and it is always interesting to dig into a well organized FAQ.
My starting problem with LB was that installing the program on an old computer system, especially the necessary driver, into Windows has been a challenge that time.


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I am not really sure what my #1 question was.
I didn’t have any. Because when I got my laser I installed Lightburn… I never tried RDworks… so I have no clue on how to compare.
But I LOVE Lightburn!

The software for mr. Beam uses octoprint with a PI to operate their machine. So it isn’t comparable at all.

Quickly after I found out that there was a forum…and I just started reading… and the times I did have questions… I often found it here on the forum before I finished typing the question.

The one that got me going was… finding out my tube/power supply was defect. I was messing with it for days and it frustrated me a LOT. Oz gave me the direction in which to find the answer/solution.
Glad it was a hardware problem; I thought I was doing something wrong.

My random number according to is 23!

I think it is kinda cool to discover new things with the program.

  • When I discovered that one can set the power for different objects in one layer :wink:
  • Tracing an image when using a camera
  • Selecting something from top left to bottom right is different then bottom right to top left…
  • Layer properties
  • Library functionality
  • Free Lightburn tattoo once you are a 1 year member

I’m in the process of building up new documentation with a stronger emphasis on new users. You might find some useful stuff in there already:

The URL will change to something better once it’s more complete.

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That’s awesome ! Trying to do some research for a top 10 most asked questions for the FAQ . I see a few repeat questions in the forum for things that have already been answered in prior threads.

The search feature is great only if people use it. I think between your hard work at the documentation for new users,this Lightburn Forum, and an expanded FAQ the New users will have a multitude of options to enhance their understanding of the bells and whistles of your awesome tool.

Cheers and thanx again @LightBurn


Once the URL is finalized there needs to be a BIG obvious link to it from the forum front page. As it is now there don’t appear to be any links to the documentation that are particularly easy to find from the forum. And there doesn’t even appear to be a link to the front page.

Links to documentation are provided within LightBurn, and on every page of the LightBurn website. Adding a link to the forum might be helpful as well.

We can modify the top bar of the forum to add other elements, like links, when needed.

I know about the link from the main web page, but where’s the link from the forum?

Yes, I think an obvious link from the forum would be beneficial.

I was responding to this and wanted to ensure you were seeing this.

Sorry Rick, what I mean was there doesn’t appear to be a link to the front page from the forum.

With you now. As @raykholo said ^^^, so now it is just a matter of assigning and completing this task. Thanks for the ideas and a desire to help. :slight_smile:

I think I finished reading everything in the new documentation yesterday.
I only figured out that it was a work in progress when some links went to empty pages.

But the beginners walkthrough is very clear and very elaborate!

Great job!


Future Lightburn users of the world :world_map: will love the ability to dive right in and make embracing Lightburn one of the best choices they ever made.


There is nothing worst then buying a piece of software to help you out to achieve one thing or another and then getting frustrated because you don’t know how to properly use all of the selling points that made you buy it in the first place.

I am not saying that is what is happening here. All I am saying is that the carburetor in this hot rod needs a slight adjustment.



I have had a lot of problems with the driver to my new MiniGerbil, and I don’t if it is ok now. I still have a lot of stops, specielle when cutting.

Try replacing the usb cable, it helped me. Electrical noise is also bad every time my air compressor started, the voltage dropped short, it was enough for the controller to lose the signal for a short time.