Needed more layers

Hi there,
I try to create a raster for testing speed and power. Now I used 29 colors witch are avaleble in the program but i needed more layercolors. Is this possible or do i have to make the grid in an other way?

I found this link Lightburn test files and I have used the test file. I just had to tweak it for my power and feed settings. They also have a video to help you out to understand it more, the second one is really good on how to use it. Hope that helps

Thanks very match!!! This power scale is a great option!. Did not find it yet, so thanks for your help!!

If you select an single object then click “Shape Properties” then look for “Power Scale” you can adjust that down to say 90% then the next object you could drop to 80% do that for each object. If you do not see it you can click “Window” at the top menu bar and select “Shape Properties”

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