Negative 0 position leads to out of bounds warning

This isn’t a huge deal, just an annoyance. Every now and then when I set my svg import to 0,0 the software puts it at -0,0. No big deal, right? Except it seems that the software looks for < 0 on the out of bounds check and somehow -0 is less than 0.

Minor glitch that I would never even think to check for in a unit test, but that’s what users are for, eh?

Hmm - That’s probably not -0, but -0.0001 or effectively a fractional imprecision in the math somewhere, that when displayed shows as -0.

How are you “setting your SVG import” to go there? Do you just mean importing the SVG, selecting it, and then typing 0,0 into the X/Y coords?

Drag svg file into Lightburn, select it, set x and y to 0 in that order.

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