Negative/half-cut text?


I’ve been struggling to get a text effect/cut and I can’t seem to manage the thing that’s in my head. Basically what I want to do is have half the text be engraved as a fill, and then half the text (bottom or top) be cut out. That way the top half of the text line is fixed in the material, and half of it is sticking out looking good

The image illustrates where I’m at - Is there a way to split the top bit into even more separate parts so I can tell it to cut the bottom one? Or is the solution there adding a cut line along the bottom of the blue layer?


Here’s a suggestion:

  1. In one layer, have the full text set for fill
  2. In another layer, do a boolean union of the text plus the rectangle so that only the outermost outline is preserved. Set that layer to cut

In this screenshot I’ve separated out the 2 components but they would otherwise be stacked on top of each other.

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Ahh, I hadn’t thought of doing it like that, thank you! Now, is there a way to split the blue square (I’m sure it’s an obvious thing I’m not seeing… boolean crop of intersection with a square right on top of it?) I’ll mock up something quickly to test!

I’m not following what you’re after here. I may have misunderstood the original assignment. Can you elaborate on what’s missing from what I posted?

The plan is to embed this text into frames or or other decorative top layers - so the square needs to not be all there, just a line where I can then position it properly. But adding another square and subtracting it leaves me with just a line and the bottom of the text, which is perfect! Running a test job now, but this is how it looks in Lightburn (I added a small square around the thing so it cuts out a “frame”)

Edit - Like this:

Got you. Wouldn’t have guessed that but glad you got to what you need.

turns out it helps if I actually set it so it doesn’t cut the bottom half off entirely :smiley:

But it works! Thank you for the help!

This is how it looks after a successful test (forgot to turn the air assist on, and I’ll need a chunkier font, this is waaay thin, and I need even less power for the engraving layer)


But I’m satisfied with having learned how to do it and how to apply it to my projects!


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