NEJE 2S Max + Ortur Rotary - Getting "diagonally distorted images"

Hi all,

Machine: Neje 2S Max
Rotary: Ortur Rotary
Material being burned - Tumbler

Hoping for a bit of help. I’ve been trying to burn an image on a tumbler, and I got it to work fine on a “trial tumbler” which was similar, but didn’t have the exact taper of the one I want to burn.

It went fine on the trial, but when I loaded the final tumbler, my burn came out shifted diagonally from top to bottom.

I’ve tried it now multiple times and keep getting the same results. Any thoughts on settings that could cause this? Or is it something physical with how I have it set up?
It doesn’t seem to be missing steps, literally just shifting as it moves up. Its also consistent throughout the trials, so it wouldn’t seem like random slippage on the wheels.

See the images below.

Thanks for the help!

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