Neje 2s plus price sale

Hello everyone
So I’m brand you in the laser.
My wife just get me a NEJE 2s plus love it
But for my need look like need more power.

I using it is more for cutting wood. Engraving aluminum

I use the machine 10 time
I would like to know how much it will be a good price to seling it

And what do you think about the Atomstack X7 Pro

What laser module came with the Neje and what module are you comparing to on the Atomstack side? Depending on the model there may not necessarily be that much difference.

And keep in mind any of these differences for any diode laser system is going to be relatively small. We’re talking at the max a 2x difference in cutting power. If that’s what you’re looking for then worth exploring but I wouldn’t recommend just switching expecting a dramatic difference.

There are a number of topics exploring the various laser options in depth I suggest you do a search for. You can followup if there’s something not addressed there.

As for pricing of your unit I couldn’t say. If this is brand new wouldn’t returning it be an option?

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It is the NEJE 2s plus 30w N40630

I don’t know if I can return it still have using it 10 time

I was look at the Atomstack X7 Pro 50W

30w vs 50w

I’m new in laser so need to learn a lot is why I’m here
Hear good think about this place

So what I looking if I change is can cut a little fatter and thinker material

I’m happy just thinking the 50w pro 7 maybe will be a big difference compared to the Neje 30w
For cutting 3mm plywood (faster)

I wish the manufacturers would really cut it out with the misleading numbers. I thought the industry had turned the corner on that but I guess not. The 30W and 50W numbers are input power numbers. The real focus needs to be on the output power. The Neje unit is now generally referred to as a 5.5W laser module. The one in the Atomstack is in the 10W range. It’s not directly comparable because they’re claiming these numbers based on the use of 2 laser diodes.

So you’re likely to get realistically not quite a 2x increase in cutting power. There are a bunch of other factors at play. This will be enough likely to get through your 3mm ply but it won’t necessarily be easy depending on the quality of the material. Solid hardwood would be far more predictable.

So the Atomstack laser module will certainly be faster, but necessarily “fast”. This is going to depend on your needs and definition of fast. Take a look at some other posts to see what people are seeing.

One suggestion that you might not have considered is that you’re perfectly capable of upgrading your laser module without replacing the entire laser platform. Neje, Atomstack, and others all sell replacement modules. Neje themselves were one of if not the first common brands to have a dual diode module.

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Thank you @anon88048707 and @berainlb
Really appreciate you make my mind look a little clear

@anon88048707 yes i think so to I’m really happy with it is a good start for see where I want to go
Also i cook every night for her :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
I’m the chef at home
I take care her :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you again both
Best regards

Oooo thank you for the tip bc it is what i’m doing :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Most of the time I’m doing this
Engrave aluminum plate
Cuting wood
Cuting haevy sand paper
Always at 100% I’m just changing the speed
What power do you recommend max I can use?

Are you trying to tell me that they claim of

“X7 Pro … it can achieve a safe 150W CO₂ laser engraving effect.”

Is misleading?

So I also shouldn’t trust this either…

“X7 Pro supports engraving materials including metal, 304 mirror stainless steel, high-energy wood, CNC, wood, slate, etc.”

Of course this is trustworthy…

Double the power and you can triple the speed…

How would the same frequency laser have different sintering?

Why would you need a gyroscope in the laser head? Connected to what, doing what?


you can also consider to only change the laser module taking the Neje A40630 or the A40640 respectively single diode 7.5W output and double diode 15W output.
N series of Neje is the less powerful

Is the 30 & 40 watt model

If the 30 watt is 7.5 watts, there is no way the 40 is 15 watts. A 33% increase in input power will only give, at most a 33% increase in output power.

If the 30 model is 7.5 watts the max a 40 watt model (.33% more power) could do is an increase of 2.475 watts (7.5 *.33) so there’s a maximum increase to 9.975 watts for the 40 model. If it’s the ‘dual led’ version, they now have added more loss in the conversion with a beam splitter.

I’ve read a lot about what the output power of these devices. I read in the engineering journals that you get about 10% out for a given input power. Yet I read where they typically advertise a 20% or more conversion factor.

I have a 30 watt Neje, it’s a good laser, but I doubt I’m getting much over 3 watts.


sry the double diode is a 10W output

Sounds the best option
Bc really like it just needs more powers for cutting the 3mm wood faster and easy

Now need to know how much I can sell just the laser :sunglasses:

Wouldn’t you just keep the existing laser platform and just upgrade the laser module?

i think is the best way :wink:

Yea and seling the module I have now