NEJE 3 Max A40640 recently stopped returning to start point, NO re-engraving a light engraving:(

Something went wrong and can’t figure out what! Each time I run a pattern the laser changes to a new home spot (high and to the right ) from the original starting point and I can no longer re-cut an engraving that comes out too light or underburned. It seems after it is done with a cut the laser head repositions it self up and to the right of the print cut so I can no longer recut a lightly burned engraving … Been teaching my children so a setting could have been changed on accident, Not sure :frowning: I have been using this NEJE 3 Max for months with ZERO issues. Please help, have people waiting for this engraving… Thank you in advance!

What “Start From” mode are you set to? Is it possible you were using something else before? Normally I’d suggest Absolute Coords.