Neje 3 MAX can't get to work with Lightburn

Hey folks, ill start by saying that i searched on neje wiki and couldn’t find any help and did search on here and couldn’t find it either. I downloaded the driver for Lightburn off of Neje wiki and it said it successfully installed. but when i manually set up the 3 Max as per instructions lightburn says Ready but even when i try to home the machine it will not move it. and then i’ll get a message saying the machine is busy or possibly paused. does anyone have any advice or help? thanks


Which driver exactly did you install?

You list a Macbook Pro in your profile. Is this what you are using to connect to the Neje 3?

Have you updated the system and grbl firmware for your laser? I don’t know if they make this available from Mac however.

Can you take a screenshot of your Mac System Report → Hardware → USB as well as a full screenshot of LightBurn while trying to connect?

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Morning, I am now using a acer laptop running windows for my lightburn, i guess i should update my profile. I have not updated the system or grbl firmware for my laser so i’ll go back and do that right now. I will send a screenshot after i do these updates first.

thanks for your help.


Updating the firmware did it, works perfect now! Thanks very much!

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