Neje 3 Max Laser staying on

Why does my laser come on when i turn on my Neje 3 Max and stay on until i shut the whole machine off? i have already done $32=1.

Did this work at one point or this is a whole new laser for you?

Assuming everything has been wired and configured correctly and this was working at one point I’d guess this was an issue with the laser module.

If you have a voltage meter check the PWM and ground signals from the controller and confirm that voltage is roughly 0V. If so, for sure it’s a laser module issue.

If this is a new setup then also check for value of $31 and make sure it’s set to 0.

I have had this laser for a few months and the laser has always stayed on even in the Neje software. i set $31 to 0 and it still does it. voltages read good. I just started engraving on painted metal and i cant figure out how to get rid of the transverse line marks. I haven’t noticed the transverse marks on wood but it is really noticeable on metal.

This is not expected behavior and quite frankly dangerous.

What was it prior?

Can you quantify the readings you saw?

This means that the laser is running at a fairly high power.

If PWM voltage is effectively 0 and your laser is on then the laser module is likely faulty.

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