Neje 3 N 30820 no lo encuentra lightburn ( Neje 3 N 30820 can't find it LightBurn )

No soy capaz a que lightburn encuentre mi laser neje 3 N 30820. Después de conectarlo a la red y al mac

I am not able to let lightburn find my laser neje 3 N 30820. After connecting it to the network and the mac

Neje advises that there is a known issue with this symptom that is caused by their firmware. The recommended practice is to update (or Flash) new firmware into the Neje 3.

neje me dice que no funciona conectado al ordenador. me mandan la forma de hacerlo a través de windows,vía bluetooth. porque mac no tiene ese soporte. gracias

neje tells me that it does not work connected to the computer. They send me the way to do it through windows, via bluetooth. because mac doesn’t have that support. thank you