Neje 3 Plus Mainboard: M7 & M8 maximum current?

The M7 & M8 on the Neje 3 Plus Mainboard provide a switched 12v DC supply that can be controlled by LightBurn, but does anybody know what the maximum load in amps that can be switched/attached to these outputs is [or do I have to use it to drive a relay or MOSFET] ?

Further investigation reveals that both M7 & M8 are switched by an A29T MOSFET with a maximum current capability of 1.2-2.1A depending on PCB copper weight & ambient temperature. This is paired witha Schottky Diode [S4] for protection.


More information on the MOSFET can be found here A29T MOSFET datasheet

So, it looks like you shouldn’t drive low power air pumps directly from the Neje Mainboard.

. . . and the official Neje response

The recommended driving current of M7 and M8 should be controlled below 500mA. If you try 1A or 1.5A, this should not cause problems (please note that your power adapter can provide sufficient current).

If you have a higher current demand, you can try to let M7 and M8 drive a relay, and let the relay provide the higher supply/load for your equipment

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