Neje 30 Watt laser to my Ramps

Hi All, any one possibly tell me how to connect my Neje 30 Watt laser to my Ramps Board please ??? I have connected the TTL to D9 and a separate 12 volt input…the laser is on all the time and can not be controlled by the fan out put TTL 0 to 12 volts

I have a 30watt laser from lasertree, it needs 12v power and 5v TTL PWM and has 3 pins are you sure yours is using 12v pwm to control it. When i connected mine to a separate 12v supply my control board had its own power pack, i had to connect the grounds of the supplies together for the 5v TTL PWM output to work.

Thanks for your reply, I have used a lower power laser on the D9 fan connection and it worked fine…the Neje laser has 0-12 volt TTl input and I have tried using the D9 as the controller but to no avail
this is what I have found on the internet…

Solution: I added the following line of code right before the #endif // CONFIGURATION_H at to the end of the Marlin

Configuration.h 1 tab in Arduino IDE:

//Change FAN PIN to 44
#define RAMPS_D9_PIN 44 //Was 9

but havent been able to modify Marlin. cant find where to put this change !!

Depending on what configuration you picked in marlin you can follow the includes in boards.h, pins.h and if your are using a ramps board the the file you want is pins_ramps.h

I could point you to the file better if i knew what board you picked in the configuration.h file.

Hello, my board is a ramps 1.4 EFB

pins_RAMPS.h on line 232 be aware a little further down the same file i see a definition for pin 44 on line 294 for the case light pin but i doubt you have that enabled

As far as I am aware it is not enabled

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