Neje 30W and the red light fan

My Neje 30W module has the red light (led) blinking not fast but constantly, and I can’t find any information in the Neje website or documentation about it. Is it a signal of any trouble settings?!

Not sure about the Neje 30w laser, but my Artur Laser Master 2 laser has a red led on top of it which blinks when the laser is working.
I presume that it’s to indicate the laser is operating since its been like this since its purchase.

Here I just turn on the power and it start to pulsating even not using the laser but, it works as expected when using it.

I guess since it’s working as expected and been like that since 29 Nov 2020 it’s not worth worrying about!

It strange that in some YouTube videos I see the light stoped and others blinking. But what really is “funny” Neje support doesn’t answer my emails and there is not mention about this light in the manual. All right! I’m glad that is working fine even not knowing whats is that light. Decorative maybe!!!

This light is related with the cooling fan, the light increase when more cooling is needed.

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Answer from Neje team:
“HI. It did not malfunction. It is designed like this. Please do not worry.”

So, thanks LB family for help me on my questions. God bless you all.

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