NEJE A40640 not working maybe DOA?

If I use either of the two driver cards, pulse generator or adaptor card, the laser fan just pulses and doesn’t continue and the cards flash the red and blue leds. As soon as I unplug the laser module, the boards light up as normal. I cannot test fire or do anything. Is mine DOA?

Make sure the wiring for the connectors is correct from the controller to the laser module. Positive to positive, gnd to gnd, and PWM to PWM. The cable may not be configured correctly.

Can you fire the laser with the pulse generator when not connected to the controller? If so, probably not a module problem. The signals from the controller to the laser module are fairly simple and essentially unidirectional. So there’s not a whole lot that can go wrong from an interface perspective.

Man, your all over the boards today, but so am I…issues for me, solutions from you.

It worked once both with the board and on the machine, just not permanently hooked up. I disconnected it and set it aside to finish up some stuff and when I reconnected it to the machine, it was not working, just flashing the leds. It also affects the normal travel from the steppers, they get all jittery and jumpy. Once I unplug the connector from the laser to the board, all goes back to normal on the machine. Figured i must have done something to the machine. Hooked everything back up (Ortur laser master pro 2 BTW) and the machine was back to normal and working. Next step, I hooked it up to the board and was going to try to test fire it and whenever the laser is hooked up to the board, it seems as the board goes dead and the red and blue flash as well as the fan pulses. When unplugged from the board the board goes back to a normal state.

That’s odd. Still worth checking the cabling. Might be a bad connector or a short somewhere that developed.

Also, if the laser module can fire standalone with the pulse generator it’s probably okay. That means it’s getting power and taking PWM signaling.

And sounds like the controller itself is working fine if it behaves correctly with your old module.

Question, isn’t the LM Pro 2 a 24V machine? And the A40640 a 12V laser? Are you stepping down the voltage or do you have the laser module on a separate power supply?

Well, that may be the issue. I never paid attention the the fact that the ortur was 24 volt. I most likely sent too much power to the laser module then?

Well, definitely more than it’s designed for. Try to test the laser on its own 12V source and see if shows signs of life.