Neje A40640 on a DLC32 v2.1

Hi everyone, quick question:
would it be possible to use a MKS DLC32 board with the A40640 laser module using only one power supply? Until recently I was using the one that came with the laser module (12v 4A) on an Ortur LM2 board.

Well, considering the A40640 is expected to take 12V 4A+ by itself I would think no, not likely a good idea. Not sure what the overall current rating for the DLC32 is but may not supporting passing the total required current (probably 5.5A+ but more realistically 6A) through the controller either. You should check this.

Perhaps look at getting a 24V laser module. DLC32 will accept 12V or 24V and will output the matching voltage. This will reduce your overall current requirement and likely allow you to use one power supply at the controller, but not your current supply.

EDIT: Just checked and apparently the maximum current input rating of DLC32 is 5A. So definitely not a good idea to force 12V 6A through it. Moving to 24V would reduce current in half so would put you well under that threshold.

Alternatively, just run a separate power supply to the laser module and board.