Neje ALARM 8 will not move away from Home

The Laser has been working well for over a year and the other day it started very noisily stuttering when going to its start position, now it wont go past home , the console gives ALARM 8 Error : Homing Fail Cycle failed to clear limit switch when pulling off. Try increasing pull off settings or check wiring.

I have looked at many posts and it seems like a wiring issue but i have wiggled everything and stripped the protective sleeve off and cant see any problem at all.

I dont know how I increase the pull off? I think it is maybe a ‘$’ command but cant find how you increase it.

When i move the laser to the middle of the board and ‘home it’ it goes back as normal but will not engrave or move past home it just errors on ALARM 8 or ALARM 1, HArd limit triggered.

Any ideas how to make it work again?

did you have some ligth led of activity in the micro switch that turns on while pressed? if no, the fact that wiring is ok (or seems ok) doesn’t mean that the micro is working, maybe is broken. In this case the only way to make it work again is replace the micro with a new one

The switch when I press it makes the laser home again it just has a 1mm offset it just moves X then Y then stops and throws the errors

this means, for me, that the board sees the micro still pressed, even if you release it

Would you try a new micro switch?

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if you have one, i suggest to try

I may be doing a little bit of mind-reading here… if your thoughts are to add pull-off then I’m gathering that you feel that you’re seeing insufficient pull-off.

Loose parts such as set-screws, belts and belt tensioners can also create this type of homing error. It can also partially explain the noisy stuttering you observed.

If you are operating with factory components and settings, adding pull-off distance shouldn’t be needed.

I have ordered a new board, Hopefully it will be a new machine again.

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