Neje E80 Norton Tile method settings

I’ve spend the better part of 3 days on finding the right settings for etching white tiles with TiO2 with my Neje4 and E80 (24W) lasermodule.

I am all over the board: from 15 mm/s with ‘meh’ results to 300 mm/s ’ with ‘meh’ results and 10% to 100% power.
It goes from no marking at all to lasing through the glazing.The max black I get is “Grey-ish” with every now and then specks of black. I tried 4 different recipes for the foodgrade TIO2-PVA mixture. The strongest one is 1:2 ratio. Painted it from one tiny-tiny layer to three thick layers.

There are just to many variables.

My question is if there is anyone out there that can give me ballpark settings for the E80 module so I can experiment from that point on.


Have you tried the Lightburn material test. That should point you in the right direction. There are so many reasons for poor results. Your titanium mix needs to be consistent. I use 50g titanium with 50g gumarabic in 200ml of distilled water. Add a little drop of washing up liquid. I paint it on with a 1 inch brush usually two coats. My machine is 10w. 1200mm/m at 85% power. Works a treat for me.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I did try the Material Test, actually several of them. Sadly, using the same batch of tiles, with trying to apply the TIO2 the same way, the outcomes were different. That is why try to at least have one variable (speed and power of the Neje E80 laser) in check so I can focus on the other variables.

What I read is that It looks like folks using a small to very small power laser have more luck than folks with higher powered lasers in this case.

I wonder if there is a kind of conversion from 10W 1200mm/min 85% to a 24W laser…

Again, thanks for the input and ’ infecting’ me with the pictures of your tiles :laughing:, the main reason I bought my tiles in the first place…

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