NEJE laser differences

I have two NEJE Master 2S Max gantries, with the N40630 modules… I have purchased an A40640 module… It was explained to me that the A series is a square laser, as opposed to the N series dot… I know that the 640 is a dual laser, as opposed to the single of the 630…

  1. Is the square much larger than the dot? does it cut differently, other than speed?
  2. Since it is an A series, and I know that the A40630 cuts a little over 4x faster than the N40630; does the dual laser set up cut faster than the single?

The square dot is smaller on the a series vs the n series. This is because they use a fac lens (fast axis correction) that makes the normally rectangular dot square by shortening up the long side. That is part of why adding a second diode is actually giving you 3x more cutting power.