NEJE Laser not Cutting

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I’m new to lasers, Lightburn, and forums so thank you in advance for your help!

I’m using a NEJE Master 2s Max and looking for some guidance on how to best get it to work with Lightburn. At the moment, I’m not able to get the laser to cut through a piece of paper. Power min and power max are set to 100% and speed is 50 in/min. I’ve also updated all firmware. The laser works with the NEJE software but I would prefer to use Lightburn. My guess is that I have a setting off but I’m not able to find it.

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¿Tienes el haz de luz bien enfocado?¿Que modulo laser tienes, 30W/40W/50//80W?

30W Laser - It’s the N40630 module

I have the 40w (7.5 optical) version. You need to set your feed rate slower. Especially cutting through paper or cardstock that is white. The paper will tend to reflect most of the light since these diode lasers are in the visible spectrum. Try 4-5in/min. You might want to change your units to mm/min as this is used more as the default units for laser machines. But that’s up to you and what you are more comfortable with. Since getting into 3D printing/CNC/Laser the past few years, I’ve learned to think in metric.

Thank you so much Strider_Matic! That info on the speed did the trick! I’ll also change the default units to mm.

Quick question on a different topic and let me know if I need start a separate thread. I’ve imported images using .pdf, .jpeg, etc and am having scaling issues. For example, a 7.5in x 10.5in square in a pdf or jpeg I need to resize to 7.2in and 10.2in when using the Lightburn software. (I’m doing a print and cut) Is there a best practice for this?

You’re welcome! Glad I could help.

That one I’m not sure of. I would start a new thread so someone with better knowledge with that might be able to help.

Will do! Thanks again for the advice!

Hello Scott,

I have the same 30W NEJE (N40630) laser burner and faced the issue when using with Lightburn. The laser would follow the shape but not cut or burn. After exchanging several emails and showed them the video of the behaviour, the customer support concluded that there is the issue with the motherboard. They agreed to send me the replacement free of charge and on replacing board and the cables, I got this to work first time with Lightburn.

Hope this helps, contact NEJE customer support. (

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into that option!

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