Neje laser & power

I know this has been asked before and just read a couple but don’t think their is a dignities answer. (Part of me wishes I found this forum before buying neje because the app is crap lol)

When I use neje app I can happily “carve” at 100% and 4mS and it makes a substantial mark in the material.

Setting lightburn to 100% power I can not replace this.

I love lightburn because I can cut things, but feel I spending more time with multiple passes then actually needed

Hopefully someone can help or even say that it isn’t possible to get lightburn to give the same 100%

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There is a page on wiki neje that allow you to setup your neje machine to use Ligthburn, have you seen it?

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Yeah I’ve follow these steps, it hasn’t change the actual power of the laser,.

When using the neje app you can physically see the laser been powerful where as with lightburn I’d say the 100% is around the 50%

To the point where it taking 50+ passes to get through 3.6mm plywood at 5mm/sec

I’ll screen shot machine settings tonight

If is a grbl you have to check if $30 and s-power max value in Ligthburn are the same. In LB s-power is set to 1000 by default.


These match up,. But if I increase both figures to say 1500 would this increase the max power? Of the laser

No, cause in layer you give percentage so it will be a % of 1500.

Btw, if you can, post a video with max power on neje app and max power in LB

Yeah i understand that.

But I have it set to 1000 at 100% will it be more or less powerfully at 1500 at 100%?

I’ll get this when I get home in the next hour along with images of my machine settings and device settings

Is the same

Processing: 20211117_152233.mp4…

Lightburn setting was set to 5mm/s at 100%

Just uploading video to a hosting site and will link shortly

please modify the permissions on both video or better upload them on youtube and post here the links

don’t see anything wrong in here

can i see the laser’s setting in the neje app?

Think I was doing it as you were access hope both videos are viewable.

After doing a test run on neje app and lightburn with both same size and same amount both look pretty identical to the eye,. But the machine runs totally different.

I have a nozzle coming at weekend to add air assist to it which should assist with my cutting I hope

can i see the laser’s setting in the neje app?

ok i think i got it…
in neje app you was engranvig text?

No both setting were for images to be carved/engraved,. Only difference is I think lightburn used inbuilt dither where as neje has used greyscale lines possible

Here are the 2 images

Top image is via lightburn and bottom is via neje