Neje Master 2 20W speed control

It appears that my Neje Master 2 20W moves at the same speed no matter what speed I set in Lightburn. It appears to be 8mm/s

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug

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i have samething here. i read in this forum about speed you have to try other value in $110 , $111 in Machine settings but i don’t know if it make an effect on cutting speed.
i try yerterday different layers with different speed it’s like to works.
I want to change travelling speed (without cutting) because it’s to slow

Do you have Laser Mode enabled? ($32=1 in the firmware settings)

I follow this steps and all works.

Only problem now.
During cut: in direction of Y axis laser not cutting through. Look to the image. This is back side of the 3mm board

Should i change Y acceleration ? $121
for now i have $120 and $121 same value (800mm/sec2)

That likely comes down to the shape of diode laser beams - they focus to a line, not a dot, and when you move along that line you get more power, so yours is probably horizontal, or close to it. You would need to slow down to accommodate the lower power direction (Y).

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