Neje Master 2 3500mW (3.5W non homing version) Does anyone have working with Lightburn?

I have a Neje Master 2 (non-homing) with a 3500mW (3.5W) laser. I am close, but everything is not working. I have been able to run a script from [Lightburn Setup for the Neje Master 2 (Original, Non-Homing) — North Lakes Woodwork], and it works. However, I have things like the move buttons do not work at all.

Does anyone have a Neje Master 2 (non-homing) working? I have used the settings from the sight, and I assume it should be fine since I don’t expect different laser power to play a role if I can or cannot use the software.

However, my trial ( and extension ) is running out, and I don’t want to purchase it if it does not work for my laser cutter/engraver version. I also have no issue purchasing if I can get the benefits. I have searched the site and seen very confusing/mixed results.

I have also checked out nejelaser_master_2s | with limited success on solving problems.

Did you upgrade your Neje to GRBL 1.1f in Step 1. of the LightBurn setup link you provided?

Would you mind confirming the state of the Neje controller software by opening the Console window in LightBurn and typing the following:
then press enter.

Please copy and paste that 2-3 line report into a reply here so we can confirm the first troubleshooting step.

Sorry I was delayed due to work. Here is the information



Target buffer size found


You are showing a legitimate GRBL version that is supported by LightBurn.

The clean welcome message is showing that you have connected.

V is Variable spindle
L is Homing Init Lock.

I’ll work through the setup script you attached tomorrow.

Copy and paste your trial key here. I can help with this. :wink:

Hello Rick, I have got it work. Move works, I can do a simple engrave, and now I am just figuring it out. I have 9 days left on already extended ( emailed support ) trial. I think I am good. I can play with this over the weekend. I am 90% I will purchase as I am starting to understand more about how to use the software. If there are any good training videos for a Lightburn beginner that would be appreciated. ( I have been using the NEJE laser for about 2 years) Thank you

If you think anyone would want my machine and device setting I am happy to post. If it will help someone else. It took some time and reach to find and figure out version 1 working values.

I suggest our docs and YouTube channel for training materials. LightBurn Software Documentation

LightBurn YouTube:

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