Neje Master 2 - Can't update to GRBL?

I just got a new Neje Master 2 Plus and I tried it out with the included software and it works.

I installed Lightburn and I’m attempting to set it up.

When I connect in Lightburn, I see this in Console:

Waiting for connection…
benbox laser 3.1© mul 2015.06.06

When I run grbl uploader 2.1 and hit connect, it identifies my machine as a NEJE MASTER 2 Plus, as it should, and then says:

This is GRBL Uploader, There is nothing to update for your device.

I feel fairly confident that the wrong firmware is installed, but I can’t figure out how to get the correct firmware.

I’ve seen several threads here and the northlakes site that gives instructions, but every time I get stopped at updating the firmware. It just doesn’t seem to be happening correctly.

Can anyone help?


I contacted Neje and they sent me a PDF with instructions and a new firmware file. If anyone else is having this issue, contact Neje and they’ll get things working.

Thanks and sorry for the (mostly?) useless post!

NEJE has updated the firmware switching program, NEJE uploader 3.0, you can download and update to grbl1.1F firmware

You may need to use NEJE_uploader 3.0 to upgrade the firmware to version 3.0,

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