Neje Master 2 Mini compatibility with Lightburn

Just purchased a Neje Master 2 Mini and I am attempting to make it operate with Lightburn. Here is a list of what I know, what I have tried and what I am trying to accomplish in no particular order .

  1. Laser cutter works fine using provided Neje software.
  2. Want more options provided by Lightburn.
  3. Imported Neje Master 2 Device Profile into Lightburn
    assuming it may apply to the Neje Mini. I could not find
    Device profile for the Neje Mini.
  4. Loaded all drivers ,GRBL, profiles etc. per the
    Lightburn directions for Neje Master 2.
    5). Lightburn recognized the Neje Master 2.
  5. I imported a simple image, traced the image and
  6. I opened the saved file, selected image.
  7. Software connected and indicated ready.
  8. Then I started and no device reaction but get this
    message “there was a problem sending data to the
    laser. The machine may be busy or paused”.
  9. I have tried com port 3, 4 and 5 with no change.

I suspect it is either the Neje Mini just wont work or a simple setting might resolve. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated, Thanks HRTULL

The board is not the 32bit board

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