NEJE Master 2 rotary and z axis setup

When I heard that lightburn would work with NEJE Master 2, I took the plunge and bought a NEJE master 2. I already have a k40 work in progress (lights, air, cohesion3d etc.) but I liked the physical accessibility of the NEJE. I’ve set about making a framework to supplement the laser. Hardware wise, I have lights, air assist, rotary axis, camera and z axis (for focus).

Although the NEJE documentation and a few posts here make mention of rotary and z axis, there is little explanation of how to set them up. When I look at my NEJE, the Z axis connector on the back of the PCB is already populated and has a five pin connector whose wires are all the same colour and I can’t find a pinout.

Has anyone had any joy in this area? And to just be cheeky, is there an output for air assist? I ask as I’ve seen it mentioned in lightburn. Any help would be very much appreciated - I put quite a lot of work into the frame - shame not to be able to put it to complete use.

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