NEJE Master 2s Max Stopping in Lightburn

Having same issues

Jeepman - anything new in tryihg to get your 40W Max 2s working - I’ve tried everything - no go as of today? Maybe something to try and bypass the temp. monitoring. G codes M3 S1000 or M03 S1000 just leaves the laser diode at the minimum focusing level. ???

I’ve had good luck with the Woodpecker CamXtool V 3.4, runs GRBL 1.1f, is incredibly stable and they’ve never stopped on me, converted my diode rotary to CO2 with a cohesion 3d board, and it would only run for about 20 seconds, no alarm codes or anything. turned out to be a grounding issue on mine though.

Solution of NEJE 2S series devices stop working

Solution of NEJE Master 2 serises device stop working

great you are on it Jack, but that leaves Mac users in the dark. :frowning:

Hi, I have a similar problem and I solved it with firmware 7.7 from Neje. Solution of NEJE (Master) 2S Series Devices Stop Working – NEJE
I hope it works. Have a good day.

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