NEJE Master 2s Max zero

I have been struggling setting up my new NEJE with Lightburn. I attempted to zero the laser using the home button. Once the laser hit both limit buttons, I shut down Lightburn and restarted. I went to the Move window and selected “Get Position” expe ting it to show X and Y at zero. Instead X is zero but Y continues to show 170 every time. I tried an offset and followed the samw steps above, but it did not work. I also tried an absolite command G92 X0 Y0, this too didnt work. Help

Home is not the same as 0,0. On NEJE the Home switches trip at X=0, Y=Max. This is what Lightburn reads after you Home your laser. The Max X and Max Y parameters set into the Grbl Configuration Parameters determine the extents of your bed. And for that system 0,0 is in the lower left hand corner after homing.

Okay, that makes sense. But then how do I change the Y170? If I set X0 Y0 to bottom left (controller running left side) will it automatically set max or do I need to change a setting in grbl to give the X810 Y 450 perameters?

I think you should go to the NEJE Wiki and visit the section on how to set up Lightburn. There (at the Wiki) you will find the correct settings, any firmware updates, and installation instructions.

I figured it out think you for the information the more I started to play with it the more I realized what it was doing I didnt really notice a difference till I just started putting words and it was flipped

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