NEJE MASTER 2s PLUS 30w laser

Hi all…PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME…I am very new to all this laser stuff, I have a NEJE 2s 20w laser which works great both with NEJE software and Lightburn, BUT my new NEJE Master 2s Plus 30w works fine with NEJE software, but in Lightburn it hits the axis ends and makes a grinding noise…I have tried so many things to sort it out, now I am scared to use it as I do not wish to damage it…has anyone got a photo of the right settings both in DIVICE / MACHINE SETTINGS so I can copy them into my lightburn…

There are likely some posts on this forum with these values.

In the meantime, if you post a screenshot of your Device Settings and also the output of these commands from Console then someone might be able to help you:

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