NEJE Master 2S Plus A40640 30w

Been patrolling LB trying to find a similar problem to mine…most were closed months ago?

The laser arrived this morning about 4o minutes later it was all wired up and connected to LB.
Set up a device 170 x170. The machine on power on, homes to the board end top of Y axis “arm”.
I imported an prepared image, reduced size to 100 x100 used the top Centre icon to locate the image correctly.
My logic was, there was a 70mm / 7cm “Border” around the image!
Clicked on frame. Laser went down to the left front to the suport racket, the moved up and started to “frame” there and well away from “the centre” burn start. Using Absolute Coordinates.
In setting up the device, I set home as back left.
I reset the device setting to home front left…did the same travel directions! Each time I had changed the top or bottom “dots” in the grid of nine. ( don’t know its real title!) spent an hour juggling settings…never got any where near a real “framing”.
Not found any YT guys doing setups and using lightburn…having this problem!
I have Ortur LM2Pro and AtomStack A5 Pro….no trouble with them!

Is this the machine that you have?
Neje Master 2S Plus 255 X 440 mm Laser Engraver - Neje

It’s listed as a 255x400mm machine. Is it possible you got the dimensions wrong? That could explain the odd travel that you described.

I do believe the machine origin should be top-left as you first setup.

The blurb on AliExpress gives it at 170mm x170mm
Just checked after online search 420 x 255! At this point the next sentence should start…Dont I feel a fool?
NYE is not the time for nipping in the garage, wire it up and reset, but I will tomorrow and get back here.

Be glad it was something simple and enjoy the New Year.

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Just had too…rerun the add device…used 255 x 440 hooked into LB imported image set it page centre, hit Frame…looks right now!
Will run it for real in the morning, none drinker so NYE is just another noisy night here lol.
Thanks for the prompt, much appreciated.

Hope you and yours welcome in a great and safe New Year.

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Not been a good start to the NewYear!

This new Neje laser…or Lighburn or the two together beat me!
Jiggled the settings, home etc ….have not found the one ckick…that gets LB to burn the text as seen on the screen!

Whatever the problem was…could not find any info for the solution. Ended up changing a few settings re home and origin stuff …mostly failed so I promised it I would get another to keep it company…and next restart…problem gone and its working OK.
The photo shows a run on some really rough weathered wood, actually an old “sleeper” been out in the garden 12 years! I just saw a few slices off as needed, better than wasting good wood!
The burn is 900 / 12.5%. Run line then offset fill.
Thanks to all for jump with advice.

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