Neje Master 2s plus is not running on MacBook Pro M1

I bought Lightburn last year to run my Neje Master 2s plus laser.
After installing the CH34x_Install_V1.5.pkg it works fine. It was a pity, that my mainboard crashes and I need a new computer.
Now, I got a MacBook Pro 13 inch with the new M1 processor.
Lightburn is running fine
BUT - when I connect the laser to my USB-port, nothing happens.
i installed CH34x_Install_V1.5.pkg again,
nothing happens.
On the Nejd-Laser, only the red led is working. (when I start the neje wireless software, the blue one is going on, too).
neither Lightburn, nor the normal neje software can find the laser.
my Mac is running BigSur 11.2.3
thanks a lot!

Hi there. I have no idea about Mac so you need to do some digging,
I have Neje Master 2 and I’m Using it with “Fedora 34” , so first thing you need to do check if your kernel supports it, "lsmod |grep ch341 " or use dmesg or “lsusb” to make sure your kernel can talk to it, if yes then you need to add this device to Lightburn, if not i’m not sure if you can compile kernel for Mac so you would need the driver with other method.
if Yes you need to add device manually and select GRBL and follow the wizard.

I almost forget, you can also check if your /dev/ttyUSB0 is present or not

thanks for this idea - I will try it… maybe there is some other one who knows, if the Master 2s plus is running on a M1 Mac?

I´m using a Neje Master 2S Plus with my 2018 Intel MBP, but I am using an USB-C adapter to Ethernet + 3x USB-A Dongle. Otherwise the Laser is not recognized. So you need a dongle that includes a “real” USB hub. Also I flashed the LaserGRBL driver with 115200 baud rate, you’ll find the software at the end of this page. There’s a switch at the laser controller to switch between the Neje crap software (via Bluetooth?) and just plain LaserGRBL. This also need to be setup right.

WOW, great idea! just simple but working find <3
Thanks a lot - using a USB-Hub, the Master 2s plus is also recognized at my MacBook Pro 13" with M1-Processor…
Thanks a lot!

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