NEJE Master 3 Pro - noob looking for advice

Recently I got into laser cutting and engraving to help myself in my scale modeling hobby. Unfortunately I stumbled into problem that I have no clue how to fix when trying to cut/engrave circles. My design looks like this:

but after cutting it looks like this:

The most annoying problem is that the place where laser starts and ends circle is not exactly the same resulting in steps (marked in red). It seems also that circles are a bit skewed. I tried to adjust belt tension, it helped a bit but did not fix the problem completely. Anybody care to give me advice what should I tweak/adjust with my machine?


iā€™m only new as well but i think your machine frame is out of square

This looks like it could be backlash. Look for slop anywhere in the motion assembly. However, focus specifically on the stepper pinions. Check for any rotational motion of the pinion independent of the stepper shaft. Resecure grub screws to remove any slop or excess motion from the pinion. Pinion and shaft should move as a single unit.

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