Neje Max 3 change bed size

Hello everyone,

i have a neje max 3 with the a40640 laser.
I replaced the laser with a new 20W laser and it is much larger.
I would now have to change the bed size, otherwise the laser would hit the frame

When I change the frame size, the work area at the top gets smaller, but I want the work area to get smaller at the bottom.
Otherwise the laser will hit the frame again because it has only reduced the frame at the top.
Or is there another solution so that the laser no longer hits the frame?

Greetings Martin

in laser tab you have to rigth click on device and edit you machine, then you have to modify $130 for X and $131 for Y travel

Hi, thanks for your answer.
do you mean this tab?
Right click on Devices does not work.

in the machine settings I have already changed it to 420mm. But it doesn’t work. the laser still hits the frame. Because he always starts from zero


I want to change the coordinate system so that the zero point is at the top left and not at the bottom left.

for better understanding. the top picture is with 460mm.
The lower picture with 420mm. Lightburn reduced the size on the top.

If I now activate the homing (limit switch is available), it stops beforehand because I have limited the work area.
But when I drive down now, the laser still hits (because the zero point is at the bottom left and not at the top)

what do you mean? when i right click on devices pops up the list of devices i have configured in LB

then you have to select your device and edit it.

in pict 2 of your first post, device settings, where you have changed the work area dimensions, there is also the origin, near the working size, you can change from there.

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