Neje - possible damage if moving when powered

Thats no problem as the sotware can go over the limits of the hardware if the hardware has no protection fot that. Used to be with old crt tubes with the wrong setting causing t ocasch fire .

And Neje what shall i say, try to move the laser by hand while it is NOT powered and see the stepper motors working as alternators and can burn the mosfets in the laser driver, Happens a lot
Solution: put in a few diodes, or do not move the laser by hand.

This also requires that you operate your machine / software proven incorrectly and also has nothing to do with a laser machine’s firmware. If you forget to set your endstops on a lathe or a milling machine, you will of course get a disaster.
However, only the machine operator can overwrite or change the firmware itself.

If the machine doesn’t home, you have to set it to it’s home position before you power it up… How do you do that?

How can you possibly adjust belt tension without moving it by hand?

I drag mine around all the time… I have both grbl and a Ruida…

You have to do what works and ‘feels’ right for you…

Good luck


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We should probably draw the distinction between Firmware and Software.

LightBurn is software. It is run on a computer, it’s very close to the human and pretty far from the Hardware. It can talk to the hardware, but only in ways that the Firmware permits the hardware to be receptive.

GRBL is the Firmware in the controller. It has maximum and minimum settings. these can be locked at the factory. It has adjustable settings that stay with the controller and it has adjustable settings that do not survive a power cycle.

The hardware, should (morally ought to) be designed in a way that is relatively resistant to human factors and accidental poor choice.

The Frirmware, should (again morally ought to) be configured in a way that is relatively resistant to tampering and accidental poor choice. If you’re this far into the technology, (firmware modification / re-flashing) the responsibility is yours.

The software can not go over the limits of the hardware in this case.
It is not possible to command more than 100% power at the laser.
You can tell it to crash but the motors have some kind of current limiting and off-time to allow them to stall.

Any machine is a smoke machine if you operate it incorrectly enough.

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