Neje with e40 laser does not provide full power when using lightburn

Good day!

I have a problem with my Neje 3Max with e40 laser.
When using a 100% power with laser GRBL and 100mm/s speed it is possible for me to cut through ~6mm plywood. When i try the same thing on light burn - i cannot cut through it no matter of what… I tried 100% power, and 50 mm/s, 10mm/s, even 1mm/s, and it does not gofurther that few milimeters. I tried max power, very low spead and 10 passes - still no luck. It seems that in Light burn the power is limited somehow.
I tried to play with focus, but the focus is on point.
i tried to clean the lense, but … the problem is related with lightburn, on laser GRBL everything work fine. On laser GRBL i have a surplus of power.
I checked the $30 value, both on laser GRBL and lightburn it is 1000.
I read that there is something like minium treshold of speed that will trunkate the power of laser unlees the cutting is done faster than that value, but i was unable to find it.
Would it be possible for anyone to help?
Thank you in advance for your help!

Review your units. I’m going to guess this 100mm/s is almost certainly 100mm/min. In that case, switching to mm/min in Edit->Settings and using the appropriate values should resolve this.

Dear Berainlb,
you are absolutely right! :slight_smile:
In GRBL it was 100mm/m (1,6mm/s)
and in lightburn it was (minimum) 1mm/s. Still - GRBL managed to punch trough the material - Lightburn did not.
I saw people doing magnificent work with Neje e40 laser, cutting through >10mm of wood precisely, and Im stuck with 3mm max no matter what Im doing…

Same settings should result in same results for both assuming the same laser path. It’s possible some other setting is off. Check that S Value Max in Device Settings matches your $30 value.

A few things to watch out for:

  1. make sure your lens is clean and undamaged
  2. get focus tack sharp
  3. get good air assist if you don’t already have it
  4. not all wood is created equal. Make sure you’re comparing like for like. Try other materials as well to get a better overall feel of the laser.

If your primary use case is cutting your current choice of laser may not be ideal.