Neje Z height adjuster

Hi there! Just wanted to share here this Z axis adjuster for Neje Max (can be used with any laser but you’ll need to make a proper mounting plate)

It’s cut on 3mm MDF, uses a couple of M3 screws and nuts, and the main screw is a 3.5mm threaded rod with some nuts for the carriage and a glued washer to stop it from moving.

there are two versions, one that attaches to the existing mounting plate, and one that’s integrated with the mounting plate(if you want to save 3mm)

takes maybe 30min to cut, and 10 min to assemble.

hope you find it useful!

neje_z_adjuster.lbrn2 (187.8 KB)


I like your adjuster. Now get it mounted and make some burns/cuts and then post a pic or two.

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