Nerdy-Gurdy hurdy-gurdy

This hurdy-gurdy is not my design - aside from the sound holes and key cover, but it is an interesting lockdown project. The basic design came from Jaap Brand on Thingiverse. The files were imported into Lightburn and edited there. The laser cutter is a red and black Chinese 80W. The wooden parts were cut from 3mm ply, with some laminated to 6mm. The wheel is 12mm (4 pieces). Just doing some finishing work now, including setting the tangents (fingers on strings) and I hope to fabricate a brass crank handle in due course.The key cover is gilded with 24Kt gold — a bit of overkill but I wanted to try the technique! And there are some 3D printed parts that I printed on an Aldi 3d printer.


THAT is pretty amazing! Nicely done.

Do you come singing songs of love?

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You know we want to hear it, right?


I’ll post up a short video when I have the tangents (fingers on strings) sorted :slight_smile:

Cheers - Jerry

Don’t forget to put that lipstick on

Yeah the rosin is good - if you’re lucky I might even tune it first :smiley: