Nested cuts off on the X axis

Hello Friends, Happy New year.

A slight problem that has beginning to develop is that we are doing nested cuts, intricate designs inside of a cut our circle or square.

The problem we are having as of late is that all of the nested cuts are shifted off centre to the left, but all identical; as in, if we cut a sheet of 20, all 20 will line up perfectly to one another but they are all off centre by upto 4mm to the left, machine doesn’t sound like it’s losing steps and the file is sent from light burn 0.6 latest edition to the ruida and then started from the ruida.

Any suggestions?

idle acceleration and speed are low.
The file is being sent to laser over Net cable.
The file consists of 8 columns and 4 rows with an image in each box, columns 3,5,6,7 are all aligned along the Y axis but the columns have shifted upto 4mm to the left.
The laser seems to be losing position while cutting.

I have separated the file into layers and sent both to controller.

Started layer 1, column problem still exists.
Started layer 2, whole file moved 6mm to the left, machine reset and file was I’m correct position.

It seems that when using lightburn the laser is losing position on intricate cuts, testing with RD works next.

EDIT 3: Can’t upload file as we are bound by an NDA can we email support the files?

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